Secret Squirrel

Can you keep a secret,

And promise not to tell,

For if you share the story,

Then things they won’t go well.


People think they know me,

Their reality’s untrue,

For whilst you think you understand,

You haven’t got a clue.


Perhaps I’ll hold on tightly,

To the facts and all the truth,

It’s better than having to share,

With some who seem uncouth.


But trust is quite important,

And I may have to take a chance,

To secure a better future,

Before it’s my last dance.


It’s far from easy,

Often too hard,

Life collapses,

A tower of cards,

Or game of jenga,

With all the blocks,

Just one mistake,

Topples the lot,

But one key difference,

That life is real,

We cut, we bleed,

We hurt, we feel,

And we cannot

just start again,

Or wipe the slate,

Remove the pain,

We have one go,

Perhaps one chance,

We twist, we turn,

In life’s last dance…