coping… #poetry

Barely coping nearly every day,

Fighting thoughts that bring me down,

The fears and tears I battle with,

Are enough to nearly drown…


One day

The difficult decision,

The hardest word to say,

My heart it knows my struggles,

They’re each and every day,

A simple word to utter,

But it’s meaning is so deep,

I know that I have struggled,

At times I’ve had to weep,

My illness casts the deepest shame,

To speak of it is wrong,

Perhaps that’s why I’ve suffered,

So badly and so long,

But now as clouds are parting,

I see another way,

To help me to recover,

To help me fight each day,

A long and rocky journey,

Many stories I can tell,

For now I still do suffer,

One day I will be well.