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I Lost A Friend… #poetry

I lost a friend,

He’s sadly gone,

For him the end,

Yet we go on.


A cruel event,

And though we knew

the end was near,

It hurts, that’s true.


You feel you’re tough,

You think you’re strong,

Yet reality,

Will prove you wrong.


The end will come,

We realise,

But fear is seen,

Behind the eyes.


So though he’s gone,

He’ll still be hear,

In memories,

Of things held dear.


The oddest man,

Eccentric, weird,

In tatty clothes,

Unshaven beard.


But look beneath,

The outer shell,

To see the man,

The truth will tell.


So goodbye friend,

It’s truly sad,

Let’s hope some good,

Comes from this bad.


I lost a friend,

Yet some remain,

But life may never,

Feel the same.

Happiness Lost

“It isn’t having that makes you happy”,

Said the man who had everything,

But what would he know,

Would he be so happy to have had,

Then lost it all?

Or would it be happiness lost?

Happiness is not numerical nor statistical,

It is transient and ethereal,

A whisper or a hug,

Not a meal,

It is knowing that someone will stand behind you,

Or between you and trouble,

It doesn’t defeat a problem,

But it sure kicks it down and hard,

Tears of joy are as salty as those of woe,

Happiness lost, but can be found.

Happiness needs nurturing, it can be delicate too,

Like walking a tightrope, it isn’t as easy as it looks,

Until you try.


No matter how hard I try, I poke myself in the eye, I’m sad but no-one knows quite why, And yet you’ll never see me cry.

For somehow I don’t see the need, if cut then yes of course I’ll bleed, but underneath the problems lie, And yet you’ll never see me cry.

My words not tears fall on the page, And yet the inner self will rage, But maybe it’s because I’m shy, And so you’ll never see me cry.

I’m certain I know how to do it, When younger I could get straight to it, but now I’m old waiting to die, And you will never see me cry.