The Dreadful Curse

The dreadful curse,

Blessed with intelligence,

Serving only to facilitate,


Cognitive behaviour,

Why have one thought,

You could have twenty-one,

The mind,

A sponge,

Seeking fulfilment,

Mass consumption of data,


Day, ta,

Date, argh,

Neurons pulse,

Shimmy, dance,

Sounds, light, colours, faces,

Colour of faces,


All consuming,

Always hungry,

Need more,

The dreadful curse.


Poison Ivy

The negativity,
Innocent thoughts processed,
Reconstruction to destruction,
Fed by dread,
All consuming,
Hyena’s hysterical laughter sounds,
The very bones knawed, picked clean,
That is my mind,
Thoughts turn, then burn,
Veins clogged by floral growth,
Poison ivy reaches through then around,
Envelops me,
Darkness ensues and once more,
My mind has crippled me,
Poison ivy.