Meal #poetry

At no point should anyone,

Be hungry for a meal,

It’s hard to know that sadly though,

This is now all too real…


The Queen Has Spoken

She stands to read an awful script,

All edited and coy,

Whilst there is no hunting foxes now,

There seems little to bring joy,

A strong and stable leadership,

All wobbly and bent,

Thinking it could gain a mandate,

Instead, oh how wrong it went,

A bunch of jeering overfeeds,

Will cheer when they are told,

And secretly they’ll rue the day,

That they tried to rob the old,

The excuses will be rolled out,

Not a u-turn , but the same,

I’m not sure they’d know a real u-turn,

If it adorned a badge with its name,

So thinking they’d change many things,

It seems it just won’t do,

Why not give the chance to govern,

To the many, not the few?