I wander past an empty bin,

Whilst there’s litter on the floor,

Perhaps in their wretched lives,

They’ve not seen a bin before

Goodbye. Hello

He’s dead you know, you know he’s dead,

But he’s alive inside my head,

It’s time for you to let him go,

Until you do, you’ll never know,

You cannot live his life again,

Live your own, to heal the pain,

The memories will always be,

There when there’s difficulty,

But time to grow, a time to start,

A life for you, a life apart,

Exit shadows, enter light,

In time it will be all alright.

Help Wanted

As I walked past the shop window,

An advert caught my eye,

It said that help was wanted,

So I thought “I will apply”.


I opened up the front door,

A little bell did ring,

It was truly an amazing shop,

I saw most everything.


Behind the little counter,

The shopekeeper appeared,

I said “about your wanted sign”,

He smiled as I neared.


“The job’s yours if you want it”,

“Though the pay it isn’t great”,

“Come back Monday morning”,

“We open around 8”.


Since that day, I’ve always thought,

I’m a really lucky man,

Life’s about taking chances,

Not a formulated plan.


So next time there’s a prospect,

Or opportunity,

Think of the sign asking for help,

Take a chance, and be happy.