When it comes my time to die,

Will a new star light the sky,

Or will I just turn to dust,

Short life lived, then I bust



The Sun sets to the West of us,

Goodbye to a whole year,

May the next one be a good one,

May your hearts  be full of cheer.


A sincere and heartfelt Happy New Year to you all, may you be safe, well and contented.

It is not the bigger things that bring joy, but the little details that we must all learn to see and appreciate; so give away a smile whenever possible, and you may get one back, say hello to a stranger and it may be their only conversation of the day. Finally, and something that I have struggled with for a very long time, always have hope, for without hope there truly is nothing. Dark clouds may gather, but they will pass, just make sure you’re there to see the sunshine once again.

Happy New Year Peter J. Thomas