Fun #poetry

I resolved to have more fun,

And yet day one is not yet done,

And here I am alone, and sad,

But 2018 won’t be that bad,

For I will fight to try and smile,

If not always, at least a while,

A laugh a joke, perhaps some fun,

And then my battle will be won…


Throw #poetry

A stone’s throw from where I sit now,

Round the corner, down the street,

A place that truly I call home,

Where life’s occurrences would meet.


Not the place where I now choose to live,

But the place that I belong,

Where happiness and sadness fought,

Where I learnt how to be strong.


An empty shell, that once was full.

Fallen silent, from all sound,

Yet will always be the place I go,

To feel my feet upon the ground.


Beside #Poetry

Beside the hallway banister,

There lives a little cat,

He welcomes you when you come home,

As he lazes on the mat.


He likes to purr and then be fussed,

He likes to eat nice food,

But then he offs and leaves you there,

Depending on his mood.


He is a simple little cat,

And like cats often are,

He comes and goes like floating clouds,

Though he never travels far.


So be nice to the little cat,

One day he’ll disappear,

And then you’ll long for one more day,

With the little cat just near.