I don’t belong

I don’t belong,
Not here,
Least not near,
I’m different,
Am different,
There’s a line,
I’m so far over it,
There was a point I did,
Fit in,
That point, the line,
Long since erased,
Could I return,
To normality,
Do I want to be normal,
Boring, mundane, predictable,
I just don’t want to be,
Different, odd, a freak,
That sense of being lost,
Never goes away,
I look inward,
See a dying heart,
A lost, sorry, soul,
My reflection on inspection hides the truth,
I look well,
Oh well,
What does the mirror know,
Poor show,
I stand like the proverbial weed in the concrete,
Nobody is quite sure how,
I can’t understand why,
A life in a cold grey world,
But I’m still there,
Two fingers to normality,
I may not be alive,
But I ain’t dead.
I don’t belong.