Water #poetry

Thirst queching and life giving,

To water we owe all,

Yet we waste it so abundantly,

At some point we’ll hit the wall.


I’ve heard the phrase that people say,

To feel the fear, and do it anyway,

All well and good if you’re the type,

To jump from planes, and build the hype,

But what of those that every day,

They only fear in every way,

There is no high, just many lows,

A mind distraught, too many woes,

For them it’s hard to just get out,

When simple things can make them shout,

To feel their pain, you’ll never know,

So take your phrase and off you go,

In the end we’re not all strong,

But then again, weakness aint wrong,

Just be you, and do your best,

And when they speak, just f*** the rest.

Tick – you’re it

Let us all look at ourselves,

And question what’ve we’ve done,

To better other people’s lives,

Not always been just one,

To give our money or our time,

To those that need it most,

To not ignore the suffering,

With ignorance they coast,

Tis time to look at ourselves,

Find fault and not applause,

My promise is to give myself,

Let me ask you now, what’s yours?