Daily Prompt: Promises

via Daily Prompt: Promises

I promised myself I wouldn’t worry

but I did,

And still do,

That I wouldn’t quit

right before giving up

putting down

siting still,

To try harder

not cheat

or lie,


My promises are just words

empty gestures to self improvement,

I promise to do better

I promise to be on time

next time





Finding solitude in company,

Wishing his life would just,


He had tried once,

He couldn’t even do that right,

He failed, failure,

Eating pills,

Like sweets,

Then a change of heart,



He didn’t cry for help,

He just cried,

To cure his sickened mind,

They gave him pills,


More pills,

When they didn’t work,

More pills,


What didn’t kill him,

Now doled out,

The shame of asking for prescriptions,

Pharmacy staff recognise the man,

He stands,

Stares at his feet,


Then cries,





Would my life be valued more,
We’re it taken away,
The cruel words that some people speak,
Once dead, they would not say,
Friends once lost to days gone by,
Appear, to weep and mourn,
Problems I had meant to cause,
No longer cause to scorn,
It’s hard to see a reason why,
I should not disappear,
Whilst I know some sorrow flow,
Perhaps then so some cheer,
Such a thought is hard to blank,
Or keep out of my head,
Would it be a better world,
If I were simply dead.