Mental Health Day

For far too long I’ve suffered,

At times often alone,

Problems with no answers,

No solution have I known,

A darkness that encompasses,

Me and all I do,

But simply just by looking,

Then you wouldn’t have a clue,

A fear that is relentless,

Destroying all I know,

Not wanting to see people,

Or to talk, to chat to show

that I have got a weakness,

A problem with no cure,

Not wanting to endure my life,

But death, I can’t be sure,

So I ask for understanding,

That the mind can suffer too,

And though you see no plasters,

I am hurting, and it’s true.


Please do not suffer alone, in silence, and fear not the stigma of society. Mental health matters, you matter, we all matter. Together, with help, with each other we can gently free ourselves of the darkness. Mental health day, today and every day.