I Lost A Friend… #poetry

I lost a friend,

He’s sadly gone,

For him the end,

Yet we go on.


A cruel event,

And though we knew

the end was near,

It hurts, that’s true.


You feel you’re tough,

You think you’re strong,

Yet reality,

Will prove you wrong.


The end will come,

We realise,

But fear is seen,

Behind the eyes.


So though he’s gone,

He’ll still be hear,

In memories,

Of things held dear.


The oddest man,

Eccentric, weird,

In tatty clothes,

Unshaven beard.


But look beneath,

The outer shell,

To see the man,

The truth will tell.


So goodbye friend,

It’s truly sad,

Let’s hope some good,

Comes from this bad.


I lost a friend,

Yet some remain,

But life may never,

Feel the same.


On Holiday some years ago,

I met a Gull called Guile,

It may have not been his real name,

But it had a strange appeal,

He seemed an every friendly bird,

He was always at our side,

Perhaps his loyalty was just for food,

It’s something to decide,

But Guile was big and when we left,

I missed him as a friend,

But I’m sure his loyalty just changed,

So he’ll be feed until the end.

Great Big Mug of Goo

I asked my friend “describe me”,

“Don’t limit any words”,

I thought the task was easy,

She thought, I guess, absurd,

So when she did revert to me,

Describing me as such,

I read the words and tutted,

It simply is too much,

For I ‘m now a mug of chocolate,

Poured on the coldest day,

I’m swirled around with cream,

In an arty fancy way,

On top there are marshmallows,

With sprinkles added too,

It seems that to my friend,

I am a great big mug of goo,

But I thought about it longer,

I believe she may be right,

Something that can warm you,

Give you courage for the fight,

So though this mug is mucky,

With oozing down the side,

I am that mug of cocoa,

Glad she had not lied.