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I Feel

I feel the pain,

So I’m alive,

I feel the fear,

It starts to thrive,

I feel the sun,

It warms my back,

I feel the cold,

As warmth I lack,

I feel the curse,

It makes me sick,

I feel the love,

Though it goes quick,

I feel the time,

As it ticks by,

I feel life’s tears,

I often cry,

I lose the will,

To carry on,

I fear my life,

Is almost gone



Would my life be valued more,
We’re it taken away,
The cruel words that some people speak,
Once dead, they would not say,
Friends once lost to days gone by,
Appear, to weep and mourn,
Problems I had meant to cause,
No longer cause to scorn,
It’s hard to see a reason why,
I should not disappear,
Whilst I know some sorrow flow,
Perhaps then so some cheer,
Such a thought is hard to blank,
Or keep out of my head,
Would it be a better world,
If I were simply dead.


Bile, sitting uncomfortably on your stomach,

You know it’s daft,

But you cannot change,

Not knowing may excite some,

For you, it’s dread,

Uncertainty harbours only dark thoughts,

You waste your life away,

Worrying about stuff that never happens,

Whilst others simply enjoy the ride.

It’s that sponge head theory,

You just soak everything up,

Consider, reconsider, recalculate,

Noise is your enemy,

It hurts to listen,

You wish for a quiet day,

But quiet leads to rumination,