Mr Daniels, how are you?

Sat alone, no company,

I find my brain askew,

Suddenly an idea comes,

I know just what to do.

I reach out for an old friend,

One that’s always had my back,

And spend the night, the two of us,

Just me and my mate Jack…



My nights are lit

by the solitary fridge light,

and the flickering vibrancy

of bad television.


Torn between another beer

and sitting still,

I often do neither

or regret both.


Learning the day

or the time

from the inane wittering

of a presenter I should really ignore.


I age like cheap wine,


I pray for company

yet fail to take calls.


If life has taught me anything,

I have forgotten it already,

Moved on with my worry

and cursed myself incessantly.


I now seek what I cannot have,

Peace and quiet,

My mind chatters like a monkey troop,

I smile at the thought.