I Lost A Friend… #poetry

I lost a friend,

He’s sadly gone,

For him the end,

Yet we go on.


A cruel event,

And though we knew

the end was near,

It hurts, that’s true.


You feel you’re tough,

You think you’re strong,

Yet reality,

Will prove you wrong.


The end will come,

We realise,

But fear is seen,

Behind the eyes.


So though he’s gone,

He’ll still be hear,

In memories,

Of things held dear.


The oddest man,

Eccentric, weird,

In tatty clothes,

Unshaven beard.


But look beneath,

The outer shell,

To see the man,

The truth will tell.


So goodbye friend,

It’s truly sad,

Let’s hope some good,

Comes from this bad.


I lost a friend,

Yet some remain,

But life may never,

Feel the same.

Moth #poetry

Poor old Mr Moth he flies,

His wings are frail and weak,

He flutters about after light,

His soft demeanour, meek,

I wonder why he keeps it up,

The search of endless hope,

I’m not sure that I could keep

it going, or even simply cope,

But then I guess I’ll never know,

How it is to flutter by,

A lonely, sad and haunting moth,

Waiting his time to die.