The Candle Flame

The candle flame,

Dancing to music we cannot hear,

Patterns peculiar,

Yet rhythmical,



Greed, consuming,



Arms aloft,

The music fades,

A final act of surrender,

Then extinguished,

Was good whilst it lasted,

Love life,

Like life,

Like the,

Candle Flame

As time ticks by

Time ticks by,

As 5 draws near,

The whistle blows,

We disappear,

The bars fill up,

At first it’s slow,

As time ticks by,

An increased flow,

As time ticks by,

We drink some more,

We dance and spin,

Then hit the floor,

As time ticks by,

The bars disperse,

Some feeling good,

Some feeling worse,

As time ticks by,

It’s the clubs turn,

The willing crowd,

With cash to burn,

As time ticks by,

The music heats,

The pills they take,

To feel the beats,

As time ticks by,

They head on home,

Some with a friend,

Some to their own,

As time ticks by,

The morning comes,

The pennies left,

The spending sums,

As time ticks by,

The headache pain,

As time ticks by,

We start again.