I Talk To My Father…………. #poetry

I talk often to my father,

Though he’s been dead for years,

He still offers good advice though,

And rids me of my fears…



We find ourselves alone at times,

With little more than hope,

How do the few, we never knew,

Continually cope.


Though at times my words read sad, please do not end up feeling bad, I’m someone who suffers a tad, And have done so since I lost my dad.

Merry Christmas

Peter J. Thomas



Night Dad

May the night it give you sweet dreams,

Tend to you if you’re unwell,

Be your friend if you are lonely,

Close your ears to those who yell,

May the moonlight kiss your tears away,

Hug you close when you are sad,

Be the light in times of darkness,

Goodnight World, and goodnight Dad x