If I did simply disappear,

Would anybody care,

Would I be missed by anyone,

When nobody is there?


It’s a terrible thought process,

But to many it is true,

So let me end by saying this,

Please know that I’d miss you.



An old man in a young man’s shoes,

Stares out on a new day,

Nobody comes to check on him,

To see if he’s okay,

Tired through his exertions,

His fingers twisted ills,

Doctors offer nothing,

But perhaps too many pills,

His tears fall upon foul clothes,

For now there is no need,

His pride is gone, his life has shone,

His heart begins to bleed,

Yet it’s not too late to find a way,

In life, for him to cope,

As long as he has one small thing,

An undying hope.