No Returns

I wake up in darkness,

Uncertain as to whether or not it is a nightmare,

Or a reality check,

My clock tells me the time,

The proverbial speaking clock,

More flashes than words,

It’s 3.14am,

Sweat has poured out from me,

And onto the sheets,

It’s like a bath,

A wholly unpleasant,




I’m due up for work in but a few hours,

So I lie, count sheep,

Get to 7, then give up,

They all look so alike,

Have I counted that one, this one…

My alarms heralds a new day,

A new chapter,

Same old script though,

And no happy ending,

My head feels like a chain saw has cut my hair,

My stomach is acidic,

My mouth metallic,

Life is a gift,

But there is a no returns policy.


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