Invicibility Lost

I used to climb walls to jump off walls,

Roll down, fall down, get up,

Dust off my knees,

Pull gravel out of my leg,

Yank scabs from cuts,

Just so that they would scab again,

Watch bruises spread like sea spilled oil,

The spectrum of pain,

Fading away,

It never stopped me,

I was invincible,

Young, a child, immortal, unbreakable,

I could spin around ’til I was sick,

Then spin again,

Spend days out on my bike,

Rolling in mud,

Wrestling on grass,

Picking broken bottles between my fingers,

Why, because I could,

I could do anything,

The only limit was my imagination,

My imagination was limitless,

I didn’t need a voluminous vocabulary,

Grunts, screams, screeches, cheers, boos n tears,

They were my words, my part, my play,

Invincibility lost to me with age,

Years depleting my indiscretions,

Ambitions filed, dreams downed,

Fun finished, frolics finalised,

A day, a year, a month,

I got old, walls got high,

Sensibility saddled me,

Anchored by ambition, drowned,

Hopeless, helpless,

Now when I see a wall,

No longer is it a conquest,

It is a wall, a boundary, a barrier,

Keeping me away from within,

I no longer jump, dance, sing, shout,

Just sit, I am mortal,

Lost to me,

My invincibility.

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