Smiles are challenging,
Whereas frowns come freely,
Send in the frowns,
Don’t tell me to turn it upside down,
I may plant you on your own head,
I don’t seek misery,
It hunts me,
I’m prey to the negative,
The fearsome, loathsome demons,
If it were just a case of painting on a face,
I’d tattoo it on, you moronic fool,
Take you positive attitude,
And look yourself in the eye,
Do you choose to be stupid?
Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical,


The Dreadful Curse

The dreadful curse,

Blessed with intelligence,

Serving only to facilitate,


Cognitive behaviour,

Why have one thought,

You could have twenty-one,

The mind,

A sponge,

Seeking fulfilment,

Mass consumption of data,


Day, ta,

Date, argh,

Neurons pulse,

Shimmy, dance,

Sounds, light, colours, faces,

Colour of faces,


All consuming,

Always hungry,

Need more,

The dreadful curse.